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Online Banking Upgrades

As of April 10, 2018 you will see an upgraded user experience when you log in to GSB online banking. If you also use our mobile app, this new digital experience will seem familiar. Regardless, here is a video to familiarize you with the changes. Below is a summary:

LOGIN is the same.

The new fuctionality does not change your login credentials. You'll still go to our home page (www.gothenburgstatebank.com) to log in. The first time you log in to the new system you will need to verify your identity (via text, a phone call or Duo Mobile) on whatever device you are using (select the "remember me" option if you would like). Also, remember that you can download our mobile app and use your same login credentials to access the same platform on your mobile device.

Other changes include:

  • Pay bills or make transfers by using the "Move Money" option in the main menu.

Now you'll be able to pay bills, schedule payments and transfers, and even add payees right from the "Move Money" option in the main menu. Need to make a transfer or pay a bill or loan? From the menu, select "Move Money" then "New Transaction". Choose the account to move money from and to. It's that easy! Need to pay someone for the first time? Select "Move Money" then select "My Payees". Select the + option to add a new payee.

  • Turn your debit card on/off by selecting "Manage Cards" in the main menu.

  • View your bank statement by selecting "Documents" in the main menu.

New features include:

  • Expanded account overview and search options
  • Add detail to transactions (categories, notes, receipts, etc) and view them on any platform you use to access your GSB banking information. For example, use your mobile device to take a picture of your receipt, add it to the transaction on your mobile app, and view/search for it in the online banking platform. First, select the appropriate account and transaction you would like to add detail to. See additional steps in the image below:
  • Expanded alert options are available by selecting "manage alerts" in the main menu.


Q: Do I need to setup accounts or bill pay again?
A: No, the same accounts, payees, and scheduled transactions are still available. Your account entitlements have not been modified as we migrate to the new look for Internet Banking.

Q: Where do I go to access bill pay? 
A: For users with bill pay, all money movement activity for transfers, payments, and bill pay will be in the Move Money section of the menu. See above for details.

Q: Are statements accessible electronically?
A: Yes, see above. for details. 

Q: Can I access this on a mobile device?
A: Yes, the look and feel is consistent across devices.

Please reach out to any of our team members to help you navigate the new system!