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The Heartbleed Bug - What You Need to Know

Gothenburg State Bank has been actively monitoring a security vulnerability, nicknamed "Heartbleed", that affects many secure web sites. We have determined that our online banking and e-statement sites are not susceptible to this threat.

Do I need to update my passwords?

Although there is no risk to our sites, we are still recommending that customers change their passwords. Given that users tend to re-use passwords on multiple web applications, the same username/password combination may have been used on another vulnerable site or application, making your GSB passwords less secure. This is a precautionary recommendation only.

What can I do?

As always, it is a good idea to update your bank password every few months. Also monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to the bank immediately. Beware of phishing scams - or emails with malicious links - that will attempt to get additional sensitive information from you.

For questions on how to use online banking or other Gothenburg State Bank products, please contact us today!