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Mobile FAQs


Is there an application for my Blackberry or Windows phone?
No, currently our mobile application is only available for Apple and Android mobile devices. However, you can open use an internet browser on your phone and login to GSB Online Banking (suggested browsers include Chrome or Internet Explorer). If you do not have access to GSB Online Banking, click here to get started.

Where do I get the application?
Click here for detailed instructions.

What are the username and password requirements?

If you are a GSB Internet Banking user, no registration is required. Simply download the app and use the same username and password you use for Internet Banking. Otherwise, registration is required. You can choose any username as long as there are no spaces. Remember whatever you choose as your username you will have to type in each time you access your account (unless you have PIN or auto login activated in user settings). Passwords must be at least 8 characters and have a combination of letters and numbers (they can contain symbols but must have a letter and number also).

Why am I asked so many security questions and where do they come from?

Remember, if you are a GSB Online Banking User, no registration is required. Simply log-in to the app using your GSB Online Banking Username and Password. Otherwise, when setting up the app for the first time, click on the "Change Password/Enroll Now" button. You will be asked a series of questions to verify your identify. This is one of the ways we are able to confirm you are who you say you are. The "out of wallet" questions are ones that are not easily available to someone apart from the user who is not likely to carry such information in his or her wallet. This data is pulled from your credit report such as: mortgage lender name, previous employer name, auto lender name, etc. Such information is available on a credit report, but not readily available to criminals who may be attempting identity theft. 

It won’t let me register. What do I do?
Please contact the bank at 308-537-7181 during normal bank hours and we can set you up.

Can I change my username?
No, not within the application. The only way to change your username is by contacting the bank.

Can I change my password?
Yes, to change your password go to “HELP” and select “CHANGE PASSWORD” options. Note: If you are a GSB Online Banking user this will be the same password you use for GSB Online Banking so be sure to use your updated password to login to GSB Online Banking as well.


I don’t know my account numbers, can I rename the accounts listed?
Yes, go to setting and you can change account names.

Why don’t certain accounts show up in the application?
The only accounts that will show up in the application are those you are listed as an owner on. If you recently opened an account as an owner that is not showing up, please contact the bank to have it added.

I opened a new account but it isn’t showing on my list of accounts on the app?
Additional accounts can be added by notifying the bank at 308-537-7181.

Why are the accounts on my mobile banking different from my online banking?
On online banking, accounts have to be internet enabled at the bank. On the mobile app, all accounts which you are an owner on will show but not ones that you are an authorized signer on.

Can I change my primary account?
Yes. You can change it using the Settings button in the app.

Can I show more than 5 items at a time?
Yes. You can change the transactions displayed from 5 to 10 or 15 under the "Settings" button in the app.

I made a typo when naming my accounts. Can I change the nickname on an account?
Yes. You can change the name on an account by using the Settings button in the app and then clicking on the account you want to change under account settings.

I just made an account transfer and cannot cancel it, why?
A “same-day” account transfer cannot be deleted (only those future-dated). To cancel the transfer you can either contact the bank or transfer the money back.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
Please call the bank at 308-537-7181 to have your password reset.

Why do I have to have a username and password? I don't want to have to type it each time I access the app.
You have two options. 

PIN login:  This allows you to enter a 4 digit PIN each time you access the app. This can be activated by going to the "SETTINGS" icon and selecting "PIN LOGIN". This allows you to select a 4-digit PIN to access the app.

Auto login: Another option is to enable "AUTO LOGIN" in the "SETTINGS" icon. This will allow you to go directly into your app without having to enter a username and password. If you utilize auto login we strongly encourage you to have a password on your mobile device. The auto login feature allows you to view account balances and history, in order to do other transaction on the device you will need to login. If you access more than one username on the same device auto login is not available.

I have a PIN set-up but need to re-enter my new username and password. How do I get the app to allow me to login using my username and password?
Simply select "forget PIN" at the login screen. This will allow you to log in using your username and password. To reactivate PIN login, once on the app, go to the "SETTINGS" icon and select "PIN LOGIN" to reestablish your PIN login.

I set-up auto login on my device and it no longer works, why?
For security reasons, if you access more than one username on the same device auto login is not available.

Can't the app just remember my username?
Yes. On the login screen select "save username" and login as you normally would. The next time you access the app your username will automatically be filled in.

How can I use the app to monitor account activity?
There are a number of security alert features available in the app to help you monitor transactions made using the mobile app. These can be activated by going to the "SETTINGS" icon. Select "Security Alerts". The alerts are sent to users by email, so you'll need to enter the email address you would like to use to receive alerts. Security Alerts available include:  Settings Change (receive an alert when the setting are changed on your mobile app), Mobile Deposit Alert (receive an alert when a deposit is made using the mobile app - you can also customize the alert for a dollar amount threshold), PIN Enable/Disable (receive an alert when your PIN is either enabled or disabled), User Name and Password Change (receive an alert when your username and password has been changed), and Transfer (receive an alert when transfers are made to your accounts using the mobile app - you can also customize the alert for a dollar amount threshold).

I typed the wrong password and the application will not let me in, what do I do?
If you know the password, wait 15 minutes and re-try. If you do not know the password you will need to call the bank at 308-537-7181 to have your password reset.

What should I do if I lose my phone?
If you think your phone has been lost or stolen, call the bank and we can deactivate your mobile app account.

How do I make a mobile deposit using the application?
Refer to these mobile deposit FAQs.

How do I turn off my debit card using the mobile app?
It's easy, just use the "CARDS" icon to access available debit cards. Simply select the card you need to turn off. Once you are ready to turn it back on you can select "On" and you'll be able to use the card again. Don't forget to contact the bank if you think your card has been compromised.

Why can't I see certain debit cards?
Remember, the mobile app provides access to cards based on account/card owner of the registered user of the app. The user registered to the mobile application will be able to see their cards only.