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Firsts and Lasts:

The other night I attended one of my daughter Ainsley’s “first – last” senior year of high school events.    I was standing at attention, my hand on my heart, listening to the National Anthem, when I glanced over and looked at my daughter standing with her team on the volleyball court.  It was in that moment that I realized that her senior year of high school was going to be difficult for me as I would be witnessing her High School activities for the last time.  It truly does feel like it all began just a few years ago, but the fact of the matter is, life is moving fast.   Our job as bankers is to help our customers and community make the most of their firsts and lasts.  This is what makes our job fun!  

Around fifteen years ago I made an appointment to visit with Nathan Wyatt, the manager of the bank’s investment company (Investment Service Center).  A little financial planning back then has certainly made the past few years more enjoyable.  Nate helped us establish a NEST 529 College Savings Account for Ainsley and we began saving money for her post-high school education.  Over the years we have consistently put money away in her NEST account, and although we will not have all the funds needed to complete her college career, we have enough to get her headed in the right direction. 

During that meeting all those years ago, Nate helped Julie and I plan for our daughter’s future.  It was a great meeting and has paved the way for Ainsley’s future.  Whether it is saving for college, buying your first home, or deciding whether to start a business, I’m proud of our team at the Gothenburg State Bank and the Investment Service Center who are with our customers every step of the way.

I would like to wish the 2019 Seniors a most wonderful year.  It has been fun to get to know all the young adults in the Gothenburg, Brady and Maxwell schools, as we have provided in-classroom education since their Kindergarten year. 

The Gothenburg State Bank Team cares about your future and would love to provide financial advice in all your first life events. 

Luke Signiture

Luke Rickertsen

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