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If you ask anyone what their favorite season is they would most likely smile and tell you not only their favorite season, but also, why. As I write this message to customers and friends, I can guarantee that I am smiling. My favorite season in Nebraska is FALL! (Summer is a close second). There are several reasons that fall is my favorite time of year. I love watching the trees change colors; I love mountain biking in the cool crisp air; and, I love NOT mowing as much. Harvest pictureBut the main reason I enjoy the fall is the annual harvest.

The corn harvest that takes place every year is a joyful time for many Nebraska families. As a kid in elementary school, growing up near Wallace, Nebraska, I remember running off the school bus, changing clothes and getting a ride from my mom or a truck driver out to the corn fields. I was always amazed by the excitement of it all -- everyone on the move, everyone with a job to do, and everyone working together. It was awesome! As we would locate my dad in the combine we would sit and wait with anticipation as the massive, devouring machine approached. I would then get out of the vehicle and cautiously approach the combine (of course, only when the corn head had stopped completely). I then would hand up to my Dad the carefully thought out snack pack prior to climbing the metal tooth ladder. I would take no time at all to get settled in as the combine would again begin to roll. I was not there just to get a free ride. No, I had one very important job, and that was to get the combine auger into position over the grain cart and then pull that magical lever which allowed the corn to flow from the combine into the cart. (It was very important to get the order of tasks correct). I truly felt as though I had the most important job in the field and I was very happy to be spending my time with the harvest team and, of course, my dad. I was part of something bigger than myself. I was part of the EXCITEMENT OF HARVEST! I am not sure how many times this story played out. But, I do know that every time I was needed to start that grain flowing, I was ready. Of course, not the times I was sleeping.

Each year during harvest, our bank team makes it a point to visit as many of our customers’ farms as possible. It’s a magical time and I would like to thank all our ag customers that allow me and other bank employees to be part of their harvest. Although we may be providing a treat or a meal in the field, we receive the joy of your harvest excitement. There is no better place to learn how to work hard as a team than in the fields of Nebraska. Over the past 114 years the bank has been committed to agriculture in Nebraska and we are eager and excited to assist farmers and other business owners with their financial needs. Through good and bad times, you have our bank’s commitment to assist with your current and future goals. Our excitement comes with your success.

If you have a harvest story that you would like to share with me, my door is always open!

Luke Signiture

Luke Rickertsen

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