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I Like to Win!

Many people that know me well, know that I am a competitive person.  I played a lot of sports growing up and I really liked to win.  This competitive trait has followed me into my adulthood, because I still don’t like to lose.  Recently GSB decided to apply for the Financial Education category of the 2018 American Bankers Association’s Community Commitment Award.    

Several years ago, the Gothenburg State Bank decided to make substantial improvements to our financial education program.  Our desire was to make financial education more structured and consistent.  We started by creating our very own kids account and customized it to change in three distinct phases and grow with the child.  As of today, we are still the only bank in the country that has incorporated the Dave Ramsey youth financial education kit into our educational material.   We also increased efforts towards in-school financial education.  Two of the main programs that we participate in are the ABA’s Get Smart About Credit and Teach Children to Save days.  We also promote in-bank financial educational opportunities and tours, and by doing so work to make our bank facilities places of learning.  The final piece that we utilize is the EverFi Financial literacy program (an online interactive educational tool) which has allowed us to bring financial education to all graduating Seniors & 6th graders in our area schools.  The EverFi program is a vital piece of the financial education plan that we provide.  The cost of providing this education is substantial, but we truly feel that it is our responsibility to assist in providing financial education to everyone, young or old, anywhere that our bank has a footprint. 

Our bank has benefited greatly by coming together and providing financial education.  We are a much better team and really feel we are making a difference in our customers’ lives.  I hope when reading this you can feel the pride and personal satisfaction that we all have by making financial literacy a priority in our bank.

I am happy to say that the bank ended up as a finalist for this wonderful award and received a certificate listing us as an Honorable Mention.  I am a competitive person and I do like to win, but this is pretty cool too!  

Luke Signiture

Luke Rickertsen

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