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Anyone should be able to look around and find some kind of inspiration. I feel very inspired by the people that I surround myself with here at Gothenburg State Bank. In this President's message I would like to highlight a couple of the people who inspire me. One of the main individuals that I receive inspiration from is my father-in-law and mountain biking buddy, Matt Williams. Matt has just finished his second year in Lincoln representing the people of the 36th District in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. It has been very inspiring to see Matt work to make our State the best that it can be. I can tell you that it is not an easy task, but he always listens to the issues and discovers for himself all the pros and cons of each and every topic of discussion. Matt is a good man and he will always do what he feels is right, no matter what. It might not always be what other individuals agree with, but if you listen to his reasoning you will find that Matt always takes the time to really learn and understand both sides prior to making a decision. I appreciate Matt for all he does for our community and our state.

Another individual at our bank that I would like to highlight for her inspiration is Stephanie Ricley. Stephanie has been employed at the bank for over eight years, and during that time has continually improved our focus on financial literacy. Her initial input and research in creating Gothenburg State Bank's customized Kids Account program has earned our bank top awards for providing outstanding financial education in Nebraska. Every year for the past seven years Stephanie has planned and organized the GSB team members who volunteer to go into the schools to teach. Last year alone we educated 840 kids on various financial literacy topics. The primary tools and programs that our bank uses to provide financial education are: Teach Children to Save , Get Smart About Credit, EverFi , and the bank's customized, three-phase Kids Account. Stephanie is directly involved in each one of these programs and her dedication to financial education is inspiring to us all. Hats off to Stephanie!

It doesn't take much to look around to become inspired. Always remember that someone in your life might be looking at you.

Thank you for being a wonderful customer and friend to our bank.

Luke Rickertsen

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